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Hi my name is Melissa chebli. I went in to my Speedway that I always go in to I believe the store number is 8863 it's located on Monroe and E course road in Taylor MI 48180 this happened July 8th just at 7:08.

point 04 seconds 7::08 p.m. 7:08. 0 4:00 p.m. and then there's also a number of 254992I walked into the store and said today was my birthday on having the worst birthday ever my 8 year old broke her arm Kelly was behind the counter and said that's what God did to her giving her karma for making fun of your car...

calling it a clown car. There was about 12 people inline...

all gasped. 3 followed me out giving me names and phone numbers..

She said with another associate named WAVE, That's what God did giving who karma for making fun of your Ford Focus in calling it a clone car I looked at her after all the gasps in said you're telling me that God broke my daughter's arm today in ruined your whole whole summer and 8 year old little girl because she made fun joking about my car she said Yap God broke my arm at 8 so when I go out to my card upon my gas I have about 7 or 8 numbers here people followed me outside cannot believe what she said I need it the other sociates name so when I walked in she told me to get the *** out of the store I hope there's audio on the video tape and along with all the phone numbers I have I need to be contacted back

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedway Gas Station Customer Care.

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