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My husband got $10 in gas this morning at the pump. Speedway on 92nd and bkuemound in west allis , wi.

When he sees $125 taken out of his account at lunchtime, he decides to call the gas station to get money back he thought it was a mistake. They gave him corporates #. Where they say it is now there new policy to put $125 hold when you pay with your card. OMG....

while he was talking to corporate they kept placingg him on hold and he could hear everybody talking and laughing (very unproffesional). It is now evening time and they still have a hold of $125 speedway is refusing to release the hold according to his bank. This is just bull****. How are you going to place that much of a hold.

Some ppl may not even have that much in there account to do that.

So what they just cant get gas then?? Uhggg what do i do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedway Gas Station Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I had the same issue as well but it's been since Feb 02 2017 and still on 2/06 nothing has changed. Does anyone know how long of a hold it is for because it's been days now and it's *** me off. They should have a limit like maybe after 24 hours then release our money !

Merrillville, Indiana, United States #1251088

This practice is being done in the NorthWest Indiana area. I have called the Attorney Generals Office of Indiana.

I have also seen many people posting about this practice on FaceBook too. I called today Dec 05 2016 and spoke to someone at the Speedway Headquarters and she said that they have stopped doing this,placing $150 holds on customers accounts..

btw according to Federal law, they have up to 2 days to place the holds..This is B.S. passed by the Democrats in March of 2009 but went into effect in 2012.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1242577

This jus happened to me, I only put in 25 dollars worth of gas and to my surprise I have 125$ hold on my account. Surprisingly the speedway by my house doesn't answer so I went up there, and they have no clue.

They pulled my video of me pumping gas and then decided to call corporate who told them it will be off soon, a few hours. UMMM no. Its still there. Pending.

but this is putting everyones accounts in trouble. Esp when you are living paycheck to paycheck like a majority of the world.

Newport, Rhode Island, United States #1242552

This same thing happened to me. I got gas yesterday morning for $15, at the same Speedway that I've gone to since they took over for Hess (who I used previously,) and there was a $125 hold.

The woman who I spoke with told me it was VISA who did the hold and that it releases within two hours, when in reality it is Speedway and it certainly does not release within two hours of the transaction time. I get why they do it but don't agree with their employees' blatant lies regarding the reasoning.

Technically, since it is stated via a disclaimer on the pumps, they are well within their right. I will just go elsewhere from now on.

Chippewa Lake, Ohio, United States #1242328


I ran my card as a credit card. The person at customer service told me that if I would not have had $125 in my account, my card would have been denied!

There is something very wrong here. It is unlawful at best.

Chippewa Lake, Ohio, United States #1242326

The same thing happened to me today! I was given the corporate number.

I called and the girl gave me a canned speech too. $125 is STILL pending on my account and I only pumped $15 worth of gas! I was told it was a new policy! She also told me they just started doing it today.

She also said that corporate did not tell any of the staff that they were going to be implementing this new policy so all staff was unaware and that they had received many calls regarding the matter. That is absurd! It should be illegal. If I didn't authorize for them to do that, they have no right!

I called my bank and disputed it. I will NEVER go to Speedway again! I will make sure to tell everyone I know

This should be on the news!

I hope they lose business. Shady!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1242199

It's a "pending" transaction and will disappear in a day or two. This is not uncommon and just a means of testing to ensure your card is active and ok to be charged the actual amount you wanted to be charged.

The best bet is to not use a credit or debit card for gas. Just pay with cash.

By the way, never, ever use a debit card for anything. They are extremely dangerous as the money is immediately taken from your bank account whereas with a credit card you can dispute it prior to paying it.

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