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Saturday, August 27th, 2016- 3:15am


5002 N Dixie Hwy/ E Commercial Blvd Oakland Park, FL 33334- 4004

I have NEVER in my life left a bad review online. However, this early morning I was so appalled by the actions or non-actions along with the treatment of BOTH of the employees at this Speedway location that it is the first time in my life that I have ever taken the time to send a complaint message. I will continue to do so in order to let my family and friends in the same neighbourhood as myself, where this location is, the rude way I was treated.

I approached the Speedway location in my vehicle and parked directly in the front of the store, and the stores window so that I was visable to the employees due to the fact that I am a woman and it was early morning in which I had to leave my home to visit this conveniently close gas station to pick up an item and wanted to feel safe. I walked up to the door and pulled the handle to realize that the doors were locked. I looked inside to view TWO employees who both saw that I was at the door and they BOTH just staired at me with blank faces or acknowledgement. Neither one of them made a hand gesture or pointed to the window and drawer by the register in order to direct me to where it was that I needed to be in order to purchase my item. I was unaware of this type of purchasing style since I have never been at a gas station this early in the morning, and had no idea of the drawer to the outside through the window by the register. As I walked up to the window and purchasing drawer the woman who had been watching me through the window since I had initially walked up, TURNED HER BACK TO ME COMPLETELY TO BLATANTLY IGNORE ME and started to sort through items on a shelf that was behind her! She ignored that I was even in front of her or existed as she has watched my every move since the moment I had arrived!! The man who also was there and was watching me with her, yet much further away from the window at least then proceeded to approach the window. I smiled and asked a question regarding the pricing of the item that I was purchasing. The manner in which the man answered me, was as if I was interrupting the two of their quiet time and generally just seemed annoyed at the fact that I was even there. I felt so uncomfortable that I only purchased one item and did not continue with my list of things. At the end of my one purchase, I again smiled at him and then said, "Have a good morning" and I received no response with just this awful facial expression and stare. I had thought that maybe he did not hear me, so I stated it again, but louder. The fact of the matter was, he did hear me!! He just completely chose to ignore my words to him. Just like the woman chose to completely ignore me and did not want to help me and what they had both been doing to me since I had gotten there!

At this point, I am completely appalled at how I was treated by these EMPLOYEES OF SPEEDWAY! Why was I treated this way? I WAS DIRECTLY IGNORED IN EVERY SINGLE MANNER OR WAY POSSIBLE SINCE THE MOMENT THAT I ARRIVED AT SPEEDWAY AS IF I SHOULD NOT BE THERE!!! I ALMOST THOUGHT THAT I WAS GOING TO BE REFUSED SERVICE FROM THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS I GOT AND LACK OF HELP TO FIND HOW THEY WOULD HELP SERVICE ME AT THE DRAWER!!! How can people like this be working at a store where there is ACTUAL interaction with human beings? Why was I treated this way? I was dressed very nicely, drove a new car, and smiled in order to show sincerity and kindness to these employees, and yet was still treated in this manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedway Gas Station Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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