On March 29, 2018 I stopped at a Speedway located in Asheboro, NC for gas. my gas purchase was $20.01 When I checked my bank account later that day i was also charged an additional $26.00 resulting in my bank account over drafting.

I called the Speedway location and they then directed me to call Customer Service where i was inform this was just a "Pre-Authorization Hold" and the money would appear back on my account in the next few days. For something that isn't posted in-store or outside where customers could see, charging them a Pre-Authorization fee that is more than what they paid for gas is absurd without the customers knowledge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedway Gas Station Gas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Inform customers of them being charged for Authorization .

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Then don’t run your card at the pump. You chose the payment and method so you really can’t complain.

It’s common knowledge about holds and I’m surprised you are only now figuring it out.

Go IN the store and pay at the register. Duh.

to Durpa #1456572

Most places that do Authorization charges do really small amounts, I have a speedway near where i live and i've never seen this charge on my account till i went to a different locations.

to StupidFish #1456589

Stop and listen to yourself!! Do you know exactly how much it takes to fill your vehicle up?

Does the pump? Both of those are no answers. As such the price of gas fluxes back and forth so at any one time no card company is going to KNOW exactly how much fuel you need. At an average of $2.75 currently around me at local gas stations a $45.00 hold is going to be roughly a full tank of gas for most passenger vehicles.

So while you feel it’s unfair it IS the system you and those people who use their cards at the pump have demanded. You demand in this world of prepaid gas that you get to fill up NO MATTER WHAT!! In order to do this they put an amount roughly equaling a full tank of gas on hold until your transactions are completed. They used to put a $125.00 hold on all bank cards so count yourself lucky.

Yes it over drew your account but that is on you and not the gas station. Your banking habits are your business and not theirs. Knowing they put a hold on your money gives you the option of going inside and paying like everyone else. YOU want fast fill ups with ZERO human interaction then YOU are the one that pays for it.

In cash and aggravation. What makes you think that you are going to be treated any differently? Pay with cash because there is no law that debit is cash. That’s a slogan used by retailers.

If you have any doubt about how much you have then DONT PAY AT THE PUMP!!!! Simple right?

to Common sense #1534146

What is with the rude attitude people possess in trying to make a point? Jeez.


You know if YOU are one who does this! (shakes head)

to Common sense #1557508

In reply to you saying "Knowing they put a hold on your money gives you the option of going inside and..." she didn't know & that's the point

to Durpa #1500493

Hey dup. U must be a Gas Station crook..

I have a masters degree and never in my life have i heard of holding 100 to pay 20 in fuel!

It's ridiculous, like ur comment.. Duh!

to Thetree23 #1500637

Well if you have a masters it’s not in reading comprehension. I see “used to” as in something done in the past.

I actually remember when they did holds for that much.

Back when gas was over $4.00 a gallon. How does duh factor into your comment?

to Thetree23 #1557503

What does a degree have to do with anything? They fact that you had the nerve to throw that in there makes it hard to believe.

And yes, there are places that hold $100 for only $20 or less in fuel. Kind of missing your point

to Durpa #1503882

This same type of pre authorization hold happended on my card and I went inside and paid

to Durpa #1534145

Wow Durpa. Surly attitude.

There is a reason they are called "convenience stations"...so you don't have to run inside to pay. DUH.

to Durpa #1609607

Yeah well, they just got me inside...I used the same card there for 4 months, always using my pin. Inside..

The charged me an additional 17 on my 17 dollar purchase and now I'm negative 4 dollars and can't buy any food.

I was depending on that money for the week. So, DUH, they'll get you inside too......

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