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I was pumping gas at the speedway in Cleveland TN, on paul huff. One staff came out pretending to sweep. I am disabled so i had someone assisting me, and when she got beside us at the pump, she stated, "surely you can pump your own gas". Directly after she stated that, the pump started spewing gas back out of the gas pump handle. The staff pamela went and got her manger crystal. So, they both came out to my van, and crystal said it had to be my van leaking not the pump handle. I said no, its all over the person helping me. She said ma'am, make him stop pumping immediatly, and leave. I asked why and manger crystal stated ma'am if you could pump your own gas you would know why you had to leave, but you can't so shut and leave. We do npt want nor need your service. I asked for my back and she said oh yeah, a dollar. Nothinh else, but i had paid for $20. So, i was robbed by crystal and pamela of $20. I want my money back and them to know they can not dicriminate.

Deidre Lombardi



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Nobody discriminated and stop wearing your disability like a badge of honor. One of my several disabilities is so bad that I can't drive much less pump gas.

Meniere's Disease of the inner ear causes extreme vertigo, deafness, nausea, unstable movements, headaches, inability to visually focus, discharges, and a number of other things I won't even mention. I envy your ability to drive so don't go around carping about how disabled you are if you can drive yourself to anywhere and do about anything except hit the filler pipe with the nozzle.

Bah ! And I won't even mention my missing vertebrae disc at L4/5 , my diabetes, congestive heart failure, 160/20 vision with astigmatism or anything else.

to Charles #1611266

I hate that you are going through all of that, but my point was not to throw it in anyone's face that I was disabled! Its telling why I was treated the way I was treated!

I am in heart failure, kidney failure, non smoker copd, non alcoholic serosis of the liver, MS, neurooathy, and fibromyalgia! Thise are just the main disabilities! I also have a very extensive list of other things wring as well!

I do not owe you or anyone else a list of everything wrong with me! My number is on the complaint, if you would ever like to actually speak to the person you are bashing!

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