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On 2/10/18 at around 11am I stopped to get gas at your Alexandria, Va location on Rt 1. I noticed when I first started pumping my gas the pump meter was moving very slow so I got back inside my vehicle because it was too cold outside to wait for my tank to fill up.

When it appeared that my tank was full by looking at the gas needle on the inside of my car. I got out to get ready to take the gas pump out & it was just pouring out of my tank. The gas didn’t stop pumping until I stopped it myself. It was a whole lot of gas that was on the ground so I immediately proceeded to your sales clerk (Alan) to let them know it was a gas spill.

I also asked him if I could be reimbursed for the gas that was loss. He stated “I can’t do nothing about that” in a very careless way. I stated to him “I know it’s not your fault, it’s something wrong with your gas pump”. I thought that maybe he would at least try to clean up the spill or put an out-of-order sign up so it wouldn’t happen to no one else.

(Alan) walked away as if he didn’t have a care in the world & he proceeded back inside & did absolutely nothing about the hazardous issue. I am a loyal customer who purchase gas from this station all the time. I just purchased a brand new 2018 Ford Explorer & now it is ruined from the gas vapors all inside my vehicle. I have a headache from the fumes right now as I am typing this.

All I want is to get reimbursed for the gas I loss. As for (Alan) his customer service & as a representative for your business is terrible. I hope my vehicle is not damaged.

I hope to hear from your company very soon. Very dissatisfied customer...

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedway Gas Station Gas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It may have been pumping slowly because of what's known as phase separation. http://www.badgas.org


You are not supposed to leave the pump unattended while you pump gas, this is why.


Open a window and eventually the gas smell will go away. Also, put an air freshener inside, etc.

It's YOUR fault for the spill as anyone who puts the nozzle on auto and then gets back into the car is rather foolish.

This is how we learn. Now you know.

to h.kitchener #1438352

This was not the first time I’ve let the gas pump by itself but however this is the first time I’ve ever had this type of issue. I understand NOW that it wasn’t the best decision but you have obviously missed the whole point of this complaint.

The most important part of this complaint was BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE & BROKEN GAS PUMPS! For future reference make sure you read before you speak...

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