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Monday (9/10/18) morning between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. I stopped into the station on Burnett Rd. in Springfield, OH. I have been stopping at the station almost every weekday morning for many weeks now. I usually stop in to get a cup of coffee before I go into work. I usually pay with my debit card or with $1 bills (coffee=$1.75 I pay with $2.00) on this particular morning there was a line but the cashiers were handling the rush very well. When I approached the counter I was waited on by an employee that has waited on me many times before. We are not on a first name basis or anything, and to be honest I have never paid attention enough to read his name tag. Now on this morning I paid for my coffee with a $10 bill. The bill was older and pretty worn. The employee took my money and started scrutinizing it very closely. He examined it very thoroughly and then marked it and while he was getting me my change. I felt very insulted that anyone would think that I, a regular customer, would pay for a $2 cup of coffee with a counterfeit $10 bill. I thought that as a regular customer that I would receive a little bit of courtesy. So I responded in a somewhat rude manner.

When the cashier handed me my change one of the bills was a $5 bill. So I said: "Could I please borrow your pen?". As he was handing me his pen I scrutinized the $5 bill just as he had my $10 bill and then marked it before I put it into my wallet . He asked me: "Are disgruntled at me for doing my job?" I responded to him by saying: "I paid you with a $10 bill, if it would have been a $20 or $50 bill I could understand that" then I left. Later that evening I found it hard to justify to myself for my actions and for that I apologize. However, at the same time I find it hard to accept the comment that I received from the cashier. I do understand that the employee has a duty and a responsibility as a cashier and an obligation to his employer. However, that should not be carried out in an insulting manner to a customer as he did. The bottom line is that I concede that I acted in an immature manner towards an employee whose actions insulted me. Then this evening I called the station to talk to a manager, to explain what had happened and was told that there was no manager on duty until 5:30 a.m. that was very frustrating to me for a moment. I realized the fact that gas stations are most likely to be robbed at night and only the managers have access to the store safe and cashiers only have a limited amount of cash in the drawers. So, that is most likely a deterrent to would be thieves. So, my anger quickly to turned to understanding of that explanation.

In closing I would first like to thank you, if you are still reading this long and boring review/complaint/apology. Secondly, to concede that the employee was following proper procedure and protocol and I was a regular customer that behaved out of line. However I was probably the talk of the water-cooler later that day. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


Nicholas J. Craycraft

Customer Service Case #C-570010-C5L7

Customer Service Representative: Stacey

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