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Ethanol (alcohol) is like a magnet for water. Ethanol-blended fuel may contain some water.

If it becomes saturated, the alcohol-water mix drops to the bottom of the tank. If it gets pumped into your car, it can cause damage.

That might result in a mechanic's bill of $500, $900, or more (drain the tank & fuel line, add good gas, maybe more).

Speedway (and perhaps most gas stations) makes no effort to continually monitor fuel "quality" (ethanol content, water content, phase separation). Buying ethanol-blended fuel may be a *** If you incur damages because of "bad fuel", don't expect Speedway to make you whole (and don't expect to win in small claims court).

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I Purchased a tank-full of gas from Speedway near Flint/Burton MI. 3 Miles later, The engine started to fail.

I made to @ 60 Mph to Charlotte MI and the full tank was empty. I got 1/2 tank at Meijers in Charlotte, MI and all was OK with that gas and the van worked well. Speedway sent me a form letter telling me they have systems in place to prevent this and I did not get bad gas from them. I am taking a ad in the Flint paper to seek others out who also got bad gas and will go to District Court and then submit interrogatories and force them to spend money on a Michigan attorney .

Also, force them to provide name of those who also complained of bad gas.

Subpoena the station manager and name their station pump service agency; to provide what measures that are in place to prevent water in gas. I just filed with my credit card company to stop payment on the $43.00 wort of gas purchased at Speedway.


I am seeking anyone who got gas at the Flint?Burton Speedway. They had water in the gas and deny it.

Seeking others to provide statements for court.

This happened around September 4-6th. Please contact me:

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